With lessons, I can help you get excellent results learning how to play trombone or baritone. While tuba is not out of the question (it never is!), it might be best for you to seek the guidance of regular player of that instrument. Beginners or those who have been playing for a while are welcome. The lessons can take place one at a time, or regularly, every other week (two times per month) or every week (usually, four times per month). Lessons are conducted online with Google Meet. If it’s better for the student and can be worked out on the teacher side, we may be able to use similar, alternative software.

Current Lesson Rates

Lesson LengthRate
30 minutes$25.00
45 minutes$32.00
1 hour$50.00

These rates are current as of January 1st, 2023. You may pay in advance for 4 lessons, 2 lessons, or 6 lessons.

For Everyone

  • If needed, a cancellation for any lesson must be given 24 hours in advance!

Teacher Expectations

  • The teacher will be ready for the lesson on time.
  • The teacher will make it clear which books and music are required for the lessons.
  • If needed, the teacher will be available to the parent or guardian for any concerns that arise.

Student Expectations

  • The student will be ready for the lesson on time.
  • The student will come prepared with the instrument and any method books we are using for lessons.

Parent or Guardian Expectations

  • The parent or guardian will help decide on a lesson time that works for everyone involved.
  • The parent or guardian will be available in case of an emergency.